These screenshots below demonstrate some of Blaze's features.

Launching Applications

Launch Firefox Figure 1: Launching Mozilla Firefox.

Launch Google Chrome Figure 2: Launching Google Chrome.

Launch Word Figure 3: Launching Microsoft Word.

Perform Calculations Figure 4: Performing a simple calculation.

Create Emails Figure 5: Creating an email on-the-fly.

Tolerating Typos

Firefox Typo Figure 6: Mistyping Mozilla Firefox.

Thunderbird Typo Figure 7: Mistyping Thunderbird.

WinRAR Typo Figure 8: Mistyping WinRAR (notice the space between "win" and "rar").

Being Aware of your Context

Add new command Figure 9: Adding a new command.

Add new website Figure 10: Adding a new website.

Add new quick text Figure 11: Adding a new quick text.

Perform CMD commands 1 Figure 12: Performing a CMD command on Windows Explorer directory (1/2).

Perform CMD commands 2 Figure 13: Performing a CMD command on Windows Explorer directory (1/2).

Automating Recurrent Tasks

Word Automation Figure 14: Automating sequential text entry on Microsoft Word.

Excel Automation Figure 15: Automating sequential bolding on Microsoft Excel.

File-system Automation Figure 16: Automating file renaming - numeric sequence.

File-system Automation Figure 17: Automating file renaming - text diff.

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