What is Blaze?

Blaze is an innovative utility designed to automate most of the unique recurrent tasks that arise from everyday usage. Such tasks can be launching applications, making small calculations, sending emails, inserting recurrent excerpts of text or even renaming files!

With Blaze, you don't have to worry about the start menu items or desktop shortcuts. With a few keystrokes things just happen! Moreover, you don't have to be afraid of repetitive anymore!

How is Blaze different from any other Application Launcher?

Blaze is not a common application launcher. It's true that it indexes all your applications and also has the ability to browse the web and your file system, and so on. It's also true that it accepts text commands just like the others. However, Blaze has de ability to bear with typos and, therefore, you don't have to be so careful while typing a command.

Firefox Typo

Nonetheless, on what Blaze really stands out is automating recurrent tasks. Blaze is continuously monitoring your activity and is aware of what you are doing. Whenever you are doing a repetitive task, it will have a suggestion for you that you can accept or just ignore. Accepting this suggestion will make Blaze fulfill the remainder of the task in your place.

So... What can Blaze do for me?

For instance, imagine that you took around fifty photos on a summer party. You digital camera, by default, assigns weird names to those photos and you really want to give them meaningful names. How would you achieve such a goal?

  1. Spend 5 minutes doing it by hand...
  2. Spend more than 5 minutes learning how to use a dedicated tool.
  3. Do it in 20 seconds with Blaze.

With Blaze, you just have to rename the first three photos on the folder and Blaze will detect what you are doing. The suggestion would be the following:

Firefox Typo

Wow... How can I get Blaze?

You can start using Blaze right now! Just go the the Downloads section. Also, take a look at the Quick Guide on the Documentation page.

This is just great! How can I help you?

If you have some suggestions or if you have spotted some bugs you can use our forums and Bug Tracker on SourceForge.


The best way to get help is trough the Documentation page or by posting at Blaze's forums and Bug Tracker on SourceForge.

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