Blaze as an Application Launcher

There is no doubt that Blaze is an application launcher. Therefore, he presents most of its counterparts features and much more:

You can see a few screenshots that exemplify these functionalities here.

Also, with Blaze you don't have to be so careful with the way you type. Blaze tolerates typos with no problem! Examples of typo-toleration can be found here.

Blaze Knows What You are Doing

Blaze always know what you are doing. Therefore, it uses this information to make your life easier. For instance, adding new commands, new websites or even new quick texts is as easy as it could ever be. Blaze just knows what files or text you have selected or what web page you are currently browsing.

Take a look at these screenshots.

Blaze is Good for Laptops

Blaze is good for your laptop. Blaze knows when you are running on battery or when you are AC plugged. When your laptop is running on battery energy, he shuts down its major energy consuming activities in order to save your battery.

Blaze is Good for USB Drives

Blaze has a portable version, which supports relative paths. Blaze Portable indexes folders in your USB pen or HD and even if you change computers and your drive letter is no longger the same, it will always know where to find your items.

Blaze as an Automator

As Blaze has the ability to be aware of what you are doing, it is able to automate the unique recurrent tasks that emerge from the everyday usage. Such tasks may occur in any application at an unexpected time. However, as Blaze is running on the background, you don't have to teach him a thing! It will learn by itself that you are preforming a repetitive task and spontaneously offer to help you. You just have to choose whether to accept its help or not.

Screenshots of recurrent task automation can be found here.

Although Blaze learns by itself, you may also want to teach it something. Therefore, Blaze supports Adaptive Macro recording. Adaptive Macros are macros that can adapt to new situations, different from the one in which they were initially recorded. For instance, with regular macros, if you change an affected windows position, a reproduced mouse click would just miss the target. With Adaptive Macros, this is no longer a problem.

Furthermore, they are realy easy to use! No need for advanced macro editors. You just type "Record Macro" on Blaze, perform your actions and invoke Blaze again to end the recording. To reproduce the macro, you just have to type on Blaze the name you assigned to it.

Blaze is Still Growing Up

Please take into account that Blaze isn't finished yet. It is yet on a Beta development stage and may present a few bugs. With your help, Blaze will become more and more powerful.

There are still a few features missing, which I will implement as soon as I can. Examples of missing features are:

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