How to use Blaze

To learn how to use Blaze, download the Quick Guide.

This guide covers basic knowledge about how to use Blaze as an application launcher and also teaches how to use Blaze as an automation mechanism. There are lots of examples so you be a pro using Blaze in no time.

For more information about Blaze interface and controls click here.

Also, you can check the How-to page for a more task-oriented help.

Hotkeys List

The hotkeys list for Blaze can be found here.

The hotkeys list for Blaze Assistant can be found here.

Commands List

The list of commands natively supported by Blaze can be found here.

The list of extended commands provided by Blaze plugins can be found here.

The list of context commands that can be found here. Context commands are text tokens that can be used together with other Blaze commands.

User's Manual

A user manual in pdf format will be provided in the future. Due to the early stage of development of this project, no manual has been produced yet.

Developer's Manual

There isn't yet a manual for developers. However, it's pretty easy to extend Blazes functionality with IronPython. Take a look on Scripts Folder. There are already two scripts build in which you can get inspiration from.

To use the ContextLib, there is an outadated .chm file in Blaze's instalaction directory, in the "Docs" folder. It should work just fine for most common features. In the future I will update this documentation properly.

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